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Re: Debian S/Linux leaders?

Ward Deng wrote:
> Dear Eric,
> I'd like to know the team leadership/management of Debian S/Linux
> project. We have determined to make our contribution to this team and
> make the system commercially available to Linux community.

I think there is no explicit leadership on this project.  We are a rather small
community and we are communicating through the debian-sparc mailing list
(debian-sparc@lists.debian.org).  Personnally, I don't want to assume this
responsability (I cannot spend more time on debian-sparc than I already do),
but if anyone else wants to take it to coordinate our effort...

> We have been working on UltraSPARC systems and Linux for many years and
> realized UltraSPARC+Linux is the best combination for high-performance
> computing users. We have demonstrated an UltraLinux cluster at a tradeshow
> and drew a lot of attentions. However, we are not happy with the RedHat
> distribution and we have transfered to Debian on our Intel architecture
> for about two years.

For now, the port we work on is for sparc not for ultrasparc.  I think an
ultrasparc distribution have to be considered a new port, since it is 64 bits
based as far as I know (am I wrong ?).  I don't have any knowledge on this
part, I don't even know if the current kernel, compiler, libc and other tools
are stable enough to start to build a new dist, but maybe others on the
debian-sparc list would want to work with you, so I cross-post this mail to the

> There is very little exposure on www.debian.org and one page even stated
> that only Intel distribution is available. The "Sparc port team" has "???"
> on the Debian Contact page. Hope our participation will give the team some
> help. We can provide Internet access (we have a full-speed T-1), disk space,
> public accessible test system as well as manpower on software packaging and
> testing.
> Looking forward to hear from you.
> Best Regards,

We are trying to be ready for the release date deadline of the hamm
distribution (in one or two month from now, I guess, I didn't see the
announcement yet), so we will be very happy if you want to join us.


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