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boot disks progress


  I'm sorry but I'm not ready to upload new boot disks.  I need to fix some
  problems in using serial console before.  I describe them below.
  I'd appreciate any help.

1/ Debian is now using /dev/ttyS? for serial line consoles, so MAKEDEV does not
   create it by default.  However, I found the kernel is always using the old
   /dev/cua?.  What should I do:
     - fix the kernel to use ttyS* exclusively
	 - or add the cua* devices into the base system ?
   I rather like to fix the kernel to be in sync with our policy (section
   3.3.6. Device files).

2/ how to manage /dev/console ?  Init logs messages to this device unless you
   overwrite it with CONSOLE=/dev/xxxx env variable, therefore it should point
   to a valid device otherwise you will see no boot messages !
   For example, I could change the /dev/console link to points to /dev/ttyS0 if
   the installation was done on serial console.  Is it right ?

3/ I should also enable a serial line in inittab with some reasonable default
   settings: 9600 bauds and vt102 for example ?  I don't have any real VT
   console on hand to check if they work :-(
   Maybe I could give the user a chance to modify it at installation time ?
   For example, I could print a message telling the user to run a shell then
   edit /target/etc/inittab.

4/ I don't know why when I choose to reboot after I successfully ran all the
   dinstall steps, the terminal is displaying garbage characters:
   S.+..++ S.
   S.+..++ SIGKILL +. #++ ..........

   WARNING: U+#.+. +. ..+..+.+. +....#.. +...SPARC.+#+..+ 2, N. K....#..   
   ROM R.+. 2.4.1, 64 MB +.+... .+.+#++.., S...#+ #4320135.
   E+ ..+.+ #...... 8:0:20:10:7o:8#, H..+ ID: 5541..87.

   T..+.++   1 +.+. .o +.+.... S+.++ +. +.    0

   SB+. .+.+ 0 +. ... .+# 
   SB+. .+.+ 1 
   SB+. .+.+ 2 
   SB+. .+.+ 3 

   B..+ ..+...: /..+./...@0,800000/..@3,0   F.+. #+. #.+.: 
   SCSI ..+... 3,0 .. +.+ .....+..++
   C#+'+ ...+ ...+ ..+...

   T... . (...+), . (..++.++.), .. + (+.+ ..++#+. +...)

   I'm using minicom 1.75-3 running on a sparc as terminal emulator (VT102).
   I have to reset the terminal emulation to get back to a correct display.

PS: latest informations:
   I was able to log in my new installed system for the first time !!!
   I was able to start to configure it (change root password, ...) but init
   shutdown automagically, so I didn't get a chance to run dselect :-((
   It's a big step in the right direction :-)
   Hmm, I've just rebooted a last time but there's no more console login
   screen :((  It's too late to investigate a bit further... I will continue
   tomorrow evening. Bye.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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