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Re: Bootdisks for Debian-Sparc

Alexander Schulz wrote:
> Hello,
> I try to install debian on a SparcStation SLC, but have the following
> problem:
> The dinstall Programm always wants to have a harddisk (which it can't find
> on a diskless client :-) Because of that, it doesn't mount /target, if I
> mount /target via nfs by hand, it still tells me the root-fs wasn't mounted,
> so I cant install or configure the base system. Is there a way to get around
> this? Or can I find the sources of dinstall somewhere so I could try it out
> myself?

I sent the patch against boot-floppies 2.0.5 to the Debian Bug Tracking System.
If you can get it, and boot-floppies 2.0.5 as well, you will be able to build
new boot disks.

Anyway, I don't think installing Debian on diskless workstations using the
standard the procedure is the right way.  There is no need to partition the
hard disk, make it bootable, ...
Well, some configurations still have to be done (keyboard, timezone, network,
for instance), but I think they should be done on server side.  This way you
can even share parts of the NFS-root partition between all your diskless
clients while allowing some files to be client specific (I know I saw a patch
to the linux kernel to do this).
I agree documenting steps to be done could help a bit.

Therefore, have you tried to make the base system your NFS-root partition ?
Then manually configure the network (edit or create .../etc/init.d/network) and
the inittab file.  And create a .../dev/root pseudo-device (0, 1 as major/minor
numbers) to let the system mounting the NFS-root partition.

Tell me if you can install it like this.


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