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Debian floppies in DIST/hamm/hamm/disks-sparc on ftp.debian.org

I'm having some problems using the bootdisks to install Linux on my 
Sparc/IPX.  I first attempted to set up the floppy set by using dd on a 
BeOS system to squirt the files onto the disks.  When I attempted to boot 
the rescue disk, SILO loaded as normal, but when I tried to continue, the 
kernel could not be found, and it reported a short-read error on block 50. 
 I figured that it was a problem caused by the flaky floppy drivers on 
	I downloaded the image files to the Sparc machine (it is currently running 
a version of RedHad that I really don't like) and attempted to dd them onto 
the floppies from there, but had the same problem.

	Is there something I am misusing in dd?  I usually use bs=18k to make the 
copy go faster, but I've tried it with the default blocksize as well. 
 Otherwise I would suspect that the installatio disks (at least the rescue 
one) on the site are corrupt.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Adam Haberlach
Really USE your computer!  http://www.distributed.net

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