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Re: Debian S/Linux leaders?

At 20:14 -0300 1998-05-21, Johnie Ingram wrote:
>Incidentially is there anyone there who can test the installability of
>Debian/SPARC 2.0?  I can't really because my only sparcstation is a
>server.  :-)

I'll try an install of Debian/sparc[1] as soon as I actually get some
memory installed in my SparcStation IPC (it'll be a couple of weeks before
I can spare the money). :-)

[1] Note that I don't intend to run Debian or S/Linux on this box, I'm just
making this offer out of kindness. ;-) Also, if I can't use a serial
console, I won't be able to do this (I don't have a keyboard, mouse or
monitor for the machine).

Joel "Espy" Klecker    <mailto:jk@espy.org>    <http://web.espy.org/>
Debian GNU/Linux Developer...................<http://www.debian.org/>

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