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status: at libs/publib and still compiling

*  Problems which need manual resolution (I'm too busy):

mpich		serv_p4.c:136: initializer element is not constant
hp48cc		hp48cc.c:42: initializer element is not constant
ifcico-cm	clibrary.h:102: conflicting types for `free'
smalleiffel	?
man-db		too few arguments to function
fte		undefined reference to `terminate(void)'
gedit		hunk of debian.diff failed (!)
xcircuit	?
pacman		undefined reference to `__rtti_si'
tama		usr/include/asm/psr.h:44: unterminated string or char constant
camediaplay	dpkg-source fails: patch: **** file `build/Makefile.in' seems to 
                be locked by somebody else under RCS
gsumi		menus.c:192: `g_str_hash' undeclared 
qvplay		tty.c:2: ioctl-types.h: No such file or directory
xloadimage	ansi2knr.c:196: conflicting types for `free'
ax25-utils	make: execvp: ./configure: Permission denied
pileup		usr/include/asm/system.h:148: `PSR_PIL' undeclared
sccw		usr/include/asm/system.h:148: `PSR_PIL' undeclared
unixcw		cwcp.c:780: `SIGCLD' undeclared 
bwbasic		bwbasic.c:54: initializer element is not constant
gawk		make[2]: Target `bigtest' not remade because of errors.
gforth		Error: -37 make[1]: *** [primitives.TAGS] Error 37
clisp		lispbibl.d:9092: global register variable follows a
                function definition
netpbm-free	usr/lib/libtiff.so: undefined reference to `log'

*  Package Bugs

     Puts mod_rewrite in config even though its not avail on sparc
     arch.   Hopefully it can be made avail once libgdbm is fully

     Includes i386 shared object from upstream source.

     dpkg - warning, overriding problem because --force enabled:
      trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libndbm.a', also in package libc6-dev
     dpkg - warning, overriding problem because --force enabled:
      trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libndbm.so', also in package libc6-dev

     Complains about not being able to run an ioctl.

     Setting up libnfslock (0.1-4) ...
     grep: ld.so.preload: No such file or directory
     (such scary but non-fatal messages should be suppressed)

*  Success stories

The following 115 binaries compiled automatically, and are being held
at ftp://sparc.netgod.net for testing and a final dependency check.
     anacron_2.0.1-1_sparc.deb         pente_2.2.1-4_sparc.deb
     apache_1.3b6-3_sparc.deb          phalanx_12-3_sparc.deb
     bible-kjv_4.00-6_sparc.deb        photopc_2.1-1_sparc.deb
     bison_1.25-11_sparc.deb           pmake_1.39-2_sparc.deb
     bitchx_0.74p2-7_sparc.deb         popt_1.0-4_sparc.deb
     blast_1.1-7_sparc.deb             proftpd_1.0.0-7_sparc.deb
     boa_0.93.14.1-1_sparc.deb         psmisc_16-2_sparc.deb
     cgoban_1.9.2-4_sparc.deb          purity_1-5_sparc.deb
     crafty_14.11-1_sparc.deb          qstat_2.0b-1_sparc.deb
     cvs_1.9.26-3_sparc.deb            sam_4.3-5_sparc.deb
     cweb_3.4g-15_sparc.deb            screen_3.7.4-6_sparc.deb
     cxhextris_1.0-9_sparc.deb         sed_2.05-22_sparc.deb
     dialog_0.9a-11_sparc.deb          setserial_2.12-6_sparc.deb
     diff_2.7-16_sparc.deb             spider_1.1-5_sparc.deb
     diffstat_1.26-2_sparc.deb         sudo_1.5.4-4_sparc.deb
     ed_0.2-16_sparc.deb               sysklogd_1.3-26_sparc.deb
     ee_126.1.89-6.2_sparc.deb         sysnews_0.9-2_sparc.deb
     elvis-tiny_1.4-5_sparc.deb        tar_1.12-6_sparc.deb
     f2c_19971204-4_sparc.deb          tf_3.5b4-4_sparc.deb
     fileutils_3.16-5.2_sparc.deb      thrust_0.83c-7_sparc.deb
     flex_2.5.4a-2_sparc.deb           tmpreaper_1.4.3-2_sparc.deb
     flying_6.20-2_sparc.deb           uutraf_1.1-5_sparc.deb
     fortune-mod_9708-5_sparc.deb      verse_0.20_sparc.deb
     fortunes-off_9708-5_sparc.deb     xabacus_1-6_sparc.deb
     fortunes_9708-5_sparc.deb         xaos_3.0-3_sparc.deb
     freeciv_1.5.2-1_sparc.deb         xasteroids_5.0-9_sparc.deb
     ftnchek_2.9.4-1.2_sparc.deb       xbl_1.0h-3_sparc.deb
     gmp1-dev_1.3.2-8_sparc.deb        xbmbrowser_5.1-5_sparc.deb
     gmp1_1.3.2-8_sparc.deb            xcoral_3.14-2_sparc.deb
     grep_2.1-8_sparc.deb              xdemineur_1.1-9_sparc.deb
     guile1.2_1.2-5_sparc.deb          xdigger_1.0.1-1_sparc.deb
     hpscanpbm_0.3a-9_sparc.deb        xemeraldia_0.3-12_sparc.deb
     icmake_6.21-4_sparc.deb           xfishtank_2.2-13_sparc.deb
     indent_1.9.1-18_sparc.deb         xflip_1.01-7_sparc.deb
     jered_1.6.3-1_sparc.deb           xgammon_0.98a-3_sparc.deb
     joe_2.8-10_sparc.deb              xlaby_2.0.1-4_sparc.deb
     jove_4.16-3_sparc.deb             xmake_1.04-2_sparc.deb
     koules_1.4-1.2_sparc.deb          xmille_2.0-5_sparc.deb
     libgdbmg1-dev_1.7.3-24_sparc.deb  xmountains_2.5-3_sparc.deb
     libgdbmg1_1.7.3-24_sparc.deb      xoids_1.5-5_sparc.deb
     libgsm-bin_1.0.10-5_sparc.deb     xoj_1.01-5_sparc.deb
     libgsm1-dev_1.0.10-5_sparc.deb    xonix-jahu_1.1-9_sparc.deb
     libgsm1_1.0.10-5_sparc.deb        xonix_1.4-12_sparc.deb
     libguile2-dev_1.2-5_sparc.deb     xpat2_1.04-13_sparc.deb
     libguile2_1.2-5_sparc.deb         xphoon_18sep91-4_sparc.deb
     libident_0.21-4_sparc.deb         xpilot_3.7.1-1_sparc.deb
     libmd5-perl_1.7-1_sparc.deb       xpuzzles_5.4.3-1_sparc.deb
     libxbase-perl_0.0583-1_sparc.deb  xroach_1.5-8_sparc.deb
     libxg-dev_4.3-5_sparc.deb         xscavenger_1.3.2-3_sparc.deb
     linuxlogo_1.06-1_sparc.deb        xskat_2.2-1_sparc.deb
     man2html_1.5-18_sparc.deb         xsok_1.01-10_sparc.deb
     mawk_1.3.3-2_sparc.deb            xsoldier_0.96-6_sparc.deb
     mpack_1.5-5_sparc.deb             xtris_1.14-6_sparc.deb
     mtx_1.0-6_sparc.deb               xzip_1.70-3_sparc.deb
     nasm_0.97-1_sparc.deb             yabasic_2.13-3_sparc.deb
     netris_0.4-3_sparc.deb            zed_1.0.2-1_sparc.deb
     pcb_1.5.3-1_sparc.deb             zile_1.0a5-2_sparc.deb

*  Hopefully fixed automatically on next pass:

     guavac		c++ not installed yet
     ftplib		Python not installed yet
     rcs		Didnt like being configured as root
     emacs19		liblockfile not installed yet
     emacs20		liblockfile not installed yet
     le			c++ not installed yet
     3dchess		libxaw3d not installed yet
     nighthawk		c++ not installed yet
     xevil		c++ not installed yet
     xkobo		c++ not installed yet
     nitpic		bfd.h not installed yet
     gdk-imlib		-lgif not avail during final link
     imlib		-lpng not avail during final link
     moonlight		c++ not installed yet
     xqf		correct gtk not installed yet

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