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Re: sparc autocompile has begun

Johnie Ingram wrote:
> This first phase will sync the sparc hamm to the source; a second will
> go back and fix packages which somehow still lack the (>= 2.0.93)
> dependency.  Or is (=> 2.0.92) still ok?  Then all that will remain
> are the boot disks and various problematic packages.

I'm working on new boot disks with serial console support.  I'm willing to
release them past the end of this week.
I can already do all steps to install Debian successfully but during the
reboot the kernel is loaded ok then it fails to run init. Or maybe init
fails to detect the serial console !
I commented out the T1: line in inittab with no success at all.
I will try to figure out this problem before following monday.


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