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libgdbmg1-dev (1.7.3-24): conflict with glibc-pre2.1

Package: gdbm
Version: 1.7.3-24

There is a conflict between gdbm & glibc 2.1 about libndbm.{a,so} links: both
packages provide them.
I propose to remove those in the gdbm-dev package.
If anyone needs to compile a program with ndbm emulation from the gdbm
package, they should explicitly link with -lgdbm.  Anyway, they already have to
replace the ndbm.h include by gdbm-ndbm.h, so another fix is not a pain (BTW,
amd, for instance, works already like that).
Do you agree ?

To implement this scheme, I added, in debian/rules, a NO_NDBM flag enabled when
the current build arch appears in GLIBC21_ARCHS.  There are currently two archs
built upon glibc2.1: sparc & powerpc.


--- gdbm-1.7.3.orig/debian/rules	Sat May  9 15:31:51 1998
+++ gdbm-1.7.3/debian/rules	Sat May  9 15:29:28 1998
@@ -16,11 +16,18 @@
 # If your architecture needs libc1 compat support build, add it to this list
 COMPAT_ARCHS=i486 m68k
+# If your architecture is based upon glibc(-pre)2.1, don't provide libndbm links
+GLIBC21_ARCHS=sparc powerpc
 ifneq (,$(findstring $(ARCH), $(COMPAT_ARCHS)))
 DOBUILDCOMPAT := build-libc5
 DOBINARYCOMPAT := binary-libc5
+ifneq (,$(findstring $(ARCH), $(GLIBC21_ARCHS)))
 	-rm -rf static shared static-libc5 shared-libc5
@@ -115,11 +122,13 @@
 	install -d debian/tmp/usr/lib/
 	install -m 644 static/libgdbm.a debian/tmp/usr/lib/
 	$(STRIP) --strip-debug debian/tmp/usr/lib/libgdbm.a
-	ln -s libgdbm.a debian/tmp/usr/lib/libndbm.a
 	ln -s libgdbm.a debian/tmp/usr/lib/libdbm.a
 	ln -s libgdbm.so.1.7.3 debian/tmp/usr/lib/libgdbm.so
-	ln -s libgdbm.so.1.7.3 debian/tmp/usr/lib/libndbm.so
 	ln -s libgdbm.so.1.7.3 debian/tmp/usr/lib/libdbm.so
+ifndef NO_NDBM
+	ln -s libgdbm.a debian/tmp/usr/lib/libndbm.a
+	ln -s libgdbm.so.1.7.3 debian/tmp/usr/lib/libndbm.so
 	install -d debian/tmp/usr/include/
 	install -m 644 static/gdbm.h dbm.h debian/tmp/usr/include/
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