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Running Solaris Binaries

Well, I've managed to get Debian running on a sparc for the first time.

A round of thanks to those who have put so much time and effort into 
this distribution. 

Not content with this first feat, I am now attempting to execute solaris
binaries on my sparc. 

I downloaded the iBCS package, which failed to compile. 

I then retried with the original sources. After minor tweaking of the 
"#includes" and makefiles, I managed to get iBCS to compile. 

However, I could not install the module into the kernel. After the
usual round of "depmod -a", the module complained of one unresolved
symbol: do_sigsuspend. looking at the system map, and doing an "nm" on the
module, I've concluded that this symbol is in both the kernel and the

Any ideas?

Trying to push things, I removed the two references to do_sigsuspend from
the module. It then compiled cleanly, and I was able to install it.
The logs files state something like "iBCS module registered at 0x30".

I made the necessary devices in /dev/, and put the appropriate libraries
in /usr/gnemul/usr/lib/, and tried to execute a simple solaris binary
(compress) (the file is executable). All I get is:

lambic# ./compress
bash: ./compress: No such file or directory

Where have I gone wrong? 

The following libraries have been installed:

lambic# ls /usr/gnemul/solaris/usr/lib/
libc.so          libc2.so         libc2stubs.so    libdl.so 
libintl.so       libw.so          ld.so
libc.so.1        libc2.so.1       libc2stubs.so.1  libdl.so.1
libintl.so.1     libw.so.1


| Michael Iverson                             (Iverson.8@osu.edu) |
| University Technology Services, the Ohio State University       |
| Department of Electrical Engineering, the Ohio State University |
| http://reflector.uts.ohio-state.edu/~ivy/                       |

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