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New boot disks work!

Yay!  With the new boot disks I was finally able to install Debian on my
headless Netra.  The installation was really smooth.  The only flaw I
noticed was at the stage "Install OS Kernel and Modules."  After picking
floppy as the installation type, I was prompted to insert the rescue disk
but the root disk which was in there before was not ejected.  Happily I
had a portable peripheral ejection device (aka paperclip :-) handy and was
able to continue.  All in all a very minor blemish on an extremely
user-friendly piece of work. 

Here's a "gotcha"  you might want to add to the installation docs.  After
everything was finished and the system rebooted, solaris cam up again
instead of Linux even though I had selected "Boot from hard disk."  This
is because the PROM was set to boot from partion 3.  The problem was
easily solved by logging into solaris as root, doing a halt, and then at
the PROM prompt.

setenv boot-device disk1:h1

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@braincells.com>

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