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Re: New boot disks work!

Nathan E Norman wrote:
> On Wed, 27 May 1998, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> : 
> : 
> : On Wed, 27 May 1998, Nathan E Norman wrote:
> : 
> : > Hmm, I've got a Netra I5 (headless) and I'm using the 25May disks to no
> : > avail.  It doesn't matter whether I pass a console parameter or not; the
> : > system won't accept input when it asks for a disk change.
> : > 
> : > Any ideas?
> : > 
> : 
> : 
> : Mine is an older model Netra.  I2 I think.  Could there be some subtle
> : difference in the BIOS or moral equivalent?  Could the terminal emulator
> : you're using make a difference?  These are just wild guesses I'm afraid.
> : :-(
> I did get it to work using some creative thinking.  I created a small
> partition, installed RedHat on the main partition, booted into RedHat,
> untarred root.tar.gz onto by small partition, rebooted to the rescue
> floppy and specified my small partition as the root.  Viola, an install
> screen (and no more "Insert root floppy and hit enter ...)

Well, if you can install RedHat, I guess I have to look at the RedHat install
disks to see how their boot system is built.

BTW, what kind of terminal is connected to your system ?  What is the
configuration of the serial ?

Thanks in advance.

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