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Re: Uploaded perl 5.004.04-5 (sparc) to chiark

"Juan" == Juan Cespedes <cespedes@debian.org> writes:

Juan> I thought Debian/Sparc wasn't supposed to be released as hamm.
Juan> At least, that's what Brian White said, and we're only working

I still hope the final pieces can be in place for a release, if not
with 2.0, then at least shortly after.  The marketing and bragging
potential for a fully glibc SPARC release would be enormous.

In terms of source packages, there are now:

    298 packages recompiled with the good libc6 (407 binary packages),
    201 binary-all packages (313 binary packages),
     17 packages in hamm already compiled against a good libc6,
     21 packages that need recompilation but have no new debian version,
     66 uncompilable packages,
    403 packages remaining to be tried, and
   1128 source packages total.

AFAIK the remaining packages, with the exception of xfree86, are
expendable.  ;-)

Juan> with unstable (slink) right now.  Should we re-upload all the
Juan> things that go to slink back to hamm?

It seems just perl, sgml-tools, and sgml-data need to be added back to
hamm for Debian/SPARC to be consistent.  The rest I'll probably
upload, since my compiler was checking available versions in hamm
only.  I suspect only a few packages of equal version will be a

Juan> (BTW: I didn't change the "Distribution" or "Urgency" fields;
Juan> they were that way in the souce package).

Heh, I used sed to fix all the changes files.

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