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i just installed debian on a SparcStation 4, and i can say everything went
ok. thanks for the install disks!!!! (i can't manage to net-boot these
things, which is keeping me from testing the ultrapenguin release...)

anyway, i have this new system up and running but i can't seem to
understand this 'dinstall' program for managing packets... for instance, i
can't install any development libs... so i  can't test anything. maybe i'm
not reading some sparc-specific docs or something, i'm browsing the local
debian.org mirror now, but i can't seem to find it. so, my question: is
there another way of installing .debs other than with dinstall (cause
browsing this huge list of packets is not my idea of fun :) ).\

i will try to install debian (i386) at home this afternoon, maybe this
will help me... (i have used slak and redhat before) 'cause i can't seem
to understand this .deb stuff...



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