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Re: Debian S/Linux leaders?

Eric Delaunay said:
]> For now, the port we work on is for sparc not for ultrasparc.  I think an
]> ultrasparc distribution have to be considered a new port, since it is 64 bits
]> based as far as I know (am I wrong ?).  I don't have any knowledge on this
]> part, I don't even know if the current kernel, compiler, libc and other tools
]> are stable enough to start to build a new dist, but maybe others on the
]> debian-sparc list would want to work with you, so I cross-post this mail to the
]> list.

check http://ultra.linux.cz. The ultralinux-1.0.9 distrib run on ultrasparc 
AND sparc ... and is still mainly 32bits.

Frederic Poncin

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