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Re: Debian S/Linux leaders?

>> I'd like to know the team leadership/management of Debian S/Linux
>> project. We have determined to make our contribution to this team
>> and make the system commercially available to Linux community.

As Eric said the Debian leadership in this area isn't explicit.  But
as the WNPP maintainer I'll work with you in getting registered as
Developers, and in creating new packages for your systems.  I see you
already sell a custom version of Debian.  :-)

>> high-performance computing users. We have demonstrated an
>> UltraLinux cluster at a tradeshow and drew a lot of attentions.

I'm glad the ultralinux kernel is capable of this, it must be more
stable than I had imagined.

>> There is very little exposure on www.debian.org and one page even
>> stated that only Intel distribution is available. The "Sparc port
>> team" has "???"  on the Debian Contact page. Hope our participation

It should probably say SPARC Task Force (debian-sparc@lists.debian.org).  :-)

>> will give the team some help. We can provide Internet access (we
>> have a full-speed T-1), disk space, public accessible test system
>> as well as manpower on software packaging and testing.

Can the ultrasparc-1.0 distribution be used to bootstrap the system?
Once telnet and a compiler suite is working, the
debian-admin@debian.org people can set up accounts and sudo entries
for the debian developers.  Such a box also needs local or NFS access
to a mirror, which takes like 4GB.

The big question is whether gcc/egcs/binutils/glibc are good enough to
pull this off.  I assume only glibc 2.1 supports sparc64?  Also dpkg
itself has to be told about the port; it may even need code tweaking,
if both sparc32 and sparc64 binaries work properly on sparc64.

Incidentially is there anyone there who can test the installability of
Debian/SPARC 2.0?  I can't really because my only sparcstation is a
server.  :-)

And if any of your team has IRC ability, thats the fastest way to
contact the debian admins and myself.

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