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Is it me, or are the disks not cool?

	I am attempting a floppy installation onto my SparcStation IPX.
	When I boot off of the rescue disk, it gets past the SILO boot prompt, 
lets me hit return (I assume that is what I hit), then dies with:
	Read error on block 50

	Cannot find /linux (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in 
short read)

	Image not found.... try again

...and then kicks me back to the SILO boot prompt.

	I've tried this with different disks created from different drives, and 
have even taken apart the IPX and blasted a bunch of air through the drive. 
 Anyone else had similar problems?

	In any case, does anyone know of a set of tools (TFTP/RARP server, etc) 
which run on Win95 and can be used to get my machine bootstrapped over the 

Adam Haberlach
Really USE your computer!  http://www.distributed.net

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