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troubles with dynamic libraries


  The problem I experimented in running dpkg (it hangs) seems to come
from dynamic library handling.  In fact, I see the same behavior with paperconf
(from the libpaper 1.0.3-9 package I just compiled).
Both programs are linked with local dynamic libraries (libdpkg & libpaper).
When I relink them with their static counterpart, they work.

IMO, either the dynamic loader misinterprets some symbol bindings or the linker
emits bad bindings.

I'm using
  gcc or egcc 2.0.97-0.6
  libc6 2.0.92-980301-1
  kernel 2.0.33

PS: I've just built ldso 1.9.8-1.  Now it fails to run libc5 binaries: all of
  them hang.  I reverted back to the current 1.9.6-2.0.1.

Anyone experienced similar problems in compiling packages which provide their
own libraries ?
The bug could come from binutils, so is there new binutils available ?
(I saw an announce about 2.9.1 release, anybody packaged it ?).

Thanks in advance.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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