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Re: bugs (?)


> I'm sure you guys know about these issues but I was wondering what can be
> done to correct the problems.

Okey, here's the story so far. Debian/SPARC is built using glibc2.1.
The problem arises when we note that glibc2.1 isn't really finished
yet but exists only as snapshots from the development tree. What
you've seen is the results of some changes the developers have made to
glibc where the size of the symbols have changed between snapshots.

The only thing one has to do to fix this is to recompile the packages
using the current glibc. I've just recently become a debian developer
(Just yesterday as a matter of fact - thank you Joey), but my
intention is to fix these problems as soon as possible since they
really annoy me. :-)

The thing holding me back right now is the lack of memory in my system
(16Mb, no swap) and lack of a decent SCSI-disk, but I'll try to take
care of this as soon as I can.

If you want to know more about the current status, I know that there
are other developers out there who'd just die to tell you more about
it, but this was the short version of the story. :-)

Thanks for trying out Debian/SPARC and I hope we'll be able to present
you with a more stable version of the distribution soon. In the
meantime, just hang in there and give us your progressreports.
Say.. you don't happen to be a programmer, do you? The debian-team
could use some more help with compiling packages missing in the
sparc distribution and trying to figure out what's really going on in
the inner depths of the sparc processor. :-)


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