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sparc autocompile has begun

I finally got up the nerve to replace my ancient but working 
libc6_2.0.90-971126-1_sparc.deb with libc6_2.0.93-980414-1_sparc.deb.
So my system is back in business, and I've set it to compiling
everything known to be compilable.

Problems so far:

  * shadow: chkname.c:56: structure has no member named `ut_name'
  * libstdc++28 should be in base.
  * perl 5.004 is in slink only, but must be in hamm for a ton of
    other stuff to work properly.
  * mount: seems to need header definitions that exist only in stuff
    like <linux/ftape.h>, but including the linux headers breaks other

Not problems so far:

  * login/passwd
  * .umul definition
  * GLIBC_2.0 link versions
  * LD_PRELOAD segfaulting dpkg-shlibdeps
  * perl 5.004


This first phase will sync the sparc hamm to the source; a second will
go back and fix packages which somehow still lack the (>= 2.0.93)
dependency.  Or is (=> 2.0.92) still ok?  Then all that will remain
are the boot disks and various problematic packages.

(I have this bet with someone on IRC that a reasonably complete sparc
dist can be uploaded by our deadline, putting RedHat to shame.  ;-)

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