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Nvram/idprom on Sparc 1

Chris Davis wrote:

> I believe  you have to fix the idprom first. Find the SUN Nvram/idprom faq
> for instructions on how to do this (ftp.netcom.com in /pub/he/henderso i
> think)
> After that, if the idprom is fixable, loading linux should be fine.
> chris
There isn't the directory /pub/he/henderso - ftp.netcom.com.

I know this problem fix after install new NVRAM. But 
in my Sparc 1 lost data of Ethernet address and Host ID 
and others in NVRAM. And SunOS boot without fix nvram. 

What need Linux boot process from nvram/idprom?
Is it possibale boot Linux without new NVRAM?


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