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can i help?

reading the last messages i see that you actually have something like a
distro. I'm running RH 4.2 right now, but it's rather old and i'm having
problems with the GNU compilers that do not come with RH (g77, fpk,
smalltalk...) right now i work at college in a project to put together a
lab of 50 Sun SprcStations 4, 64megs, so i have access to these machines,
but for about a month i have been trying to get info on the tweaks to the
Makefiles, config.h's... to get things to compile.

i'm far to be an expert on anything, but will love to help to get S/Linux
up and running like it should on Sparc, cuz Solaris really sucks...
specially on these old Workstaions...


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