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Re: XSun and Dpkg-devel

> Now... back to the current problem... Is there any FAQ/HOWTO's for getting
> X running on debian sparc?

Believe it or not, much progress has been made with X running on Debian/sparc.
No one knows this because, well, I've been too busy with finals to tell
anyone.  Now that I actually have a free (more or less) weekend I can get a
few more things done.
    About a month ago I made debian packages of Xsun (and all other servers as
well as xsun-utils).  Anders mirrored them on the other side of the pond and
there they've sat.  These packages have two problems; first, the servers don't
support gziped fonts (like those in with xfntbase) and second, pressing
CNTR-META/ALT-F1 doesn't drop you back to a virtual console.  I think I've
fixed the first problem; there's a config option for using gzipped fonts.
However, the second problem is related to a possible bug in a file deep within
the server source, something I'm not going to have time to hunt and fix for a
    Up until recently I've been working on X unofficially on a Sparc IPC.
That is NOT the way to do things.  Three days to compile X is bad.  Last week
I submitted all my patched to Branden Robinson, the X maintainer, and he says
he's going to try to put sparc support into version 3.3.2-5 of Xfree.  There
may be one or two problems but it should be in the source on master soon.
Also, I've joined his "X Strike Force" to maintain Xsun and help make the
X packages cleaner and more friendly on all architectures.  If time permits I
will also become an official Debian developer, meaning I can stick my packages
on master instead of giving them to Anders and hoping people find them.
Finally, to fix that pesky 3-day compile time on my IPC I went out and bought
a SparcServer4.  I'm putting Debian/sparc on it this afternoon.  Goodbye 3-day

Mike "No .sig for you" Shuey

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