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Re: troubles with dynamic libraries

>The problem I experimented in running dpkg (it hangs) seems to come
>from dynamic library handling.  In fact, I see the same behavior with paperconf
>(from the libpaper 1.0.3-9 package I just compiled).
>Both programs are linked with local dynamic libraries (libdpkg & libpaper).
>When I relink them with their static counterpart, they work.
>IMO, either the dynamic loader misinterprets some symbol bindings or the linker
>emits bad bindings.
>Anyone experienced similar problems in compiling packages which provide their
>own libraries ?
>The bug could come from binutils, so is there new binutils available ?
>(I saw an announce about 2.9.1 release, anybody packaged it ?).

That would explain the oddities I was seeing when trying to compile
the lastest newt. Running the old redhat gdb on the binaries, it looked
like something (either the dynamic loader missing them, or the linker
forgetting to emit - though I would suspect the latter) missed a bunch of
relocations in dynamically loaded objects. Function calls within the
dynamically loaded object didn't get bound, and ended up looping

One of the reasons I suspect binutils is that the alpha port recently
got struck by a broken dpkg. It segfaulted when dynamically linked, but
not statically, and the new binutils (2.9.1) seem to have fixed it.


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