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[PATCH] make-kpkg for mipsel Booting debian on mipsel custom kernel 2.4.0 Re: Bug#118279: Upgrade problem on Debian/MIPS (Sid) Bug#120383: glibc-2.2.4-6 does not build on mipsel Bug#120656: RFA: delo -- The DECStation boot loader C++ Exception handlin on mips [was Re: Mozilla...] Compile problem with latest mips kernel CVS Debian install On Indy + Indigo and Java Station debian-mips on the Cobalt RaQ2 Deskstation Tyne failed installation debian-mipsel (Decstation 5000/150) Re: Freeze Update [2001/11/19] gimp, gnome, libgtk-perl, etc, etc gimp-print build on mipsel needed to update gs in testing Indy/I2 bootloader: arcboot installed on indy Linux on DECStation ls, tar, make for debian-mipsel Malformed Release file mips-tools deb Mozilla & Indy (and other stuff) New gpm Debian package with DECstation support available No xine-{lib,ui} on mips? Re: Patch against current CVS (MIPS R3k support, MSDOS partitions tables for mipsel) Philips Nino pre-compiled kernel image available... Problem installing woody on an Indigo2 Re: Problems with R5k success installing debian-mips (r4k-ip22) Successful Install on a Challenge S (with Cavets) Unidentified subject! woody install on SG Indy IP22 MIPS system woody on malta - couldn't download slang1 XFree configs & 76Hz The last update was on 07:45 GMT Mon May 13. There are 114 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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