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Debian install On Indy + Indigo and Java Station

Hi all.

I have a plan this weekend to finally install Debian on the above machines
(ive had both SGI's running in a limited fashion before but never got around
to completing the task)

I was wondering if anyone could suggest some pointers to help this go
What Version should I use?

My plan is
1.	 To create two root file systems (one mips one sparc) and boot from
tftp and nfs 2.	 For the SGI's setup the local disks and clone the nfs part
ion to them.
3.	 Build New Kernels for each machine.
3.	 Add/remove packages on each machine.

Any help would be great.


PS AS a n aside the Indy currently has Irix installed I can login over the
lan fine but the default res of X is set to high for me to log in at the
box, anyone know how to drop this?

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