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Re: Malformed Release file

On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 11:19:29AM -0600, Scott Hussey wrote:
> Ok, I did a tcpdump analysis when the indy tries to get the Release
> file and all I see are a bunch of nfs packets, no ftp packets. Below
> is a small segment of the packets I saw w/ tcpdump while the indy was
> trying to get the Release file/base system:
[..snip tcpdump output ..] 

> This segment was taken while requesting woody from (one of the http.us.debian.org
> servers). I typed the IP in manually to see if DNS problems were causing this. No where throughout
> the tcpdump output do I see any connection being made from to, so
> I assume that the Indy is not even getting a Release file. 
Can you check "/sbin/ifconfig"(should be o.k. since you're using
nfs-root) and "/sbin/route -n" to check your network setup. Does "ping
http.us.debian.org" work. Does /var/log/messages or tty{3,4} provide any
 -- Guido

P.S.: Why are you using nfs-root install and not the tftpboot image?

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