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Re: Linux on DECStation

>Currently not really - there is support for the Maxine onboard
>the PMAG-B and the PMAGB-B, but currently no working keyboard support
>for the LK501.
That's exactly the information I need. Thanks.

>To test the framebuffer support - have you tried compiling only 
>support for the framebuffer type you need into the kernel?
>If you have both maxinefb and PMAG-B support compiled in, and both
>types of framebuffer are present, the kernel uses maxinefb as console
>device by default.
I'll give it a shot, but since LK501 support isn't in, I'll be using a
serial console.

>Besides this, current Linux/MIPS kernels seem to be broken on at
>my DECstations (probably somewhere in the TLB handling, but I have
>found enough time to track this down exactly).
Guess I'll find out soon enough.


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