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Re: XFree configs & 76Hz

On Sat, Nov 17, 2001 at 03:25:52PM -0500, George Gensure wrote:
> that actually might be good for you.  Sitting in the (at least cvs) 
> newport driver directory is a file called XF86Config.indy.  Grab it and 
> use it to run X. I happen to know that the GDM 17e11s will run at 75 
> with 1280x1024.
> George

Not to pester you again, but I use that file and it only drives the monitor
at 60hz when displaying 1280x1024. I looked at the driver a bit, but I didn't
see anything offhand that would indicate that it could pass that the pixel
clock rate, etc... from the configuration file directly to the driver.

I'll take another look today and check it out, but it would be very cool to
have it run at the maximum pixel clock for that resolution. ;-)



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