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Re: XFree configs & 76Hz

> Not to pester you again, but I use that file and it only drives the
> monitor
at 60hz when displaying 1280x1024. I looked at the driver a bit,
> but I didn't
see anything offhand that would indicate that it could pass
> that the pixel
clock rate, etc... from the configuration file directly to
> the driver.
> I'll take another look today and check it out, but it would be very cool
> to
have it run at the maximum pixel clock for that resolution. ;-)

Uhm... you quite possibly are. I have an Indigo2 with XZ graphics, which is a
step up from XL/Newport (e.g. bigger, better, more expensive) and it is
absolutely impossible to achieve more than 72 Hz with it, at 1280x1024 or
otherwise. In fact, even the IMPACT graphics boards won't do more than 72 Hz
AFAIK. So I'd be quite willing to believe that the XL board can't handle more
than 60 Hz. Sorry. :(

- Michael

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