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Re: mips-tools deb

On Sun, 18 Nov 2001, Guido Guenther wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Guido,

> addinitrd(add intitrd to the kernel) and elf2ecoff(convert an elf binary
> into an ecoff binary) both come with the kernel-sources but are also
> needed by other programs. elf2ecoff is needed by arcboot and addinitrd
> by the bootfloppies. I'd like to split these two tools out of the
> kernel-source and maintain them in a separate mips-tools package. Any
> objections, any other tools that would fit in there?

this is not an objection, only a question:

Is there a reason against asking Herbert Xu to build these packages
directly from the kernel-source-* package (mkcramfs is already built
from kernel-source-* on all architectures)?

>  -- Guido



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