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installed on indy

hello list...

well... heres my experience of the boot image at:

everything went well and first time i chose woody install. the only hitch 
appeared to be the problem mentioned before on the list in that you cant 
reboot the machine after it has finished. once it was power cycled it worked 
fine. the post install config thing was run automatically but there seems to 
be a problem with it (also seen before on this list). everytime a package 
needs to run menu-update (/usr/bin/menu-update i think) it segfaults so many 
of the packages wont configure properly which makes apt-get very unhappy.

i also tried the sid install but that produced a problem during install in 
that it couldnt chroot the dpkg command so didnt complete the installation.

on top of this... looking in /proc/cpuinfo shows my processor as a R4000SC 
altho hinv shows it to be a R4400 with a R4000 FPU. is this right?

lastly... i hear conflicting stories about support for 24bit graphics. some 
say it is working others dont. how can i identify which version of the 24 card 
i have? hinv just shows it as indy 24 bit. i read some info that suggests 
there are 3 versions of the 24 bit card. needless to say - i havent quite got 
xfree working yet!

congratulations on the boot image - i wasnt expecting such an easy ride to get 
woody installed.


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