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Re: Problem installing woody on an Indigo2

On Wed, Nov 07, 2001 at 05:01:12PM +0000, Mat Withers wrote:
> I'm attempting to install debian woody on a SGI Indigo 2 and am running up against a problem half way through the install. I'm using a serial console (which works fine) and booting kernel-image-2.4.3-ip22-r4k via bootp/tftp.
Could you try a more recent kernel?
You can just use
 since it is kernel 2.4.9+initrd, so you don't need a nfs-server.
> I'm then  mounting install root 3.0.15 via nfs and then going through the installation proces. The problem comes when installing the base system (using 'network' as a source). The installer downloads about 3/4 of the packages and then stops with the error "Couldn't download modutils". 
Are there any more detailed error messages on tty3 or tty4?
 -- Guido

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