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Re: Debian install On Indy + Indigo and Java Station

On Thu, Nov 22, 2001 at 08:49:30AM -0800, Michael Goetze wrote:
> > PS AS a n aside the Indy currently has Irix installed I can login over the
> > lan fine but the default res of X is set to high for me to log in at the
> > box, anyone know how to drop this?
> Have a look at the manpage for setmon(1G). The formats which are of lower
> resolution on my XZ graphics include "presenter" and "iris3k".
Does setmon give any ideas which graphics modes at which refresh rates
the different adaptors support under IRIX? I don't have any Irix nor any
header files of it, so anything of help to teach the newport driver
different graphics modes will be greatly appreciated.
 -- Guido

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