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gimp, gnome, libgtk-perl, etc, etc

Hello all,

There's a whole morass of dependencies and bugs trying to get the current
gtk stuff into woody. So two things.

One, could someone with a mips box make a testing chroot, build gs 5.60-8
for mips and upload it to woody-proposed-updates, please? You probably
need to edit the .changes by hand before signing it to do this.

Second, could someone with an hppa box look into pdl (bug 104630)? It's
holding up gimp, which is holding up the new gs, which is holding up
libgnome-print-perl, which is holding up libgtk-perl, which is holding
up gtkglarea and a whole bunch of random other stuff. [The mips upload of
gs, if it's done will break the chain at gs, but pdl still needs fixing]


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