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Successful Install on a Challenge S (with Cavets)

Successfully Installed on a Challenge S (with useless Webforce kit)

Box: 175mhz R4400 with 192MB Ram

I did this 3 times (so far :-) 

Installed with old disks, then twice with the new bootflopies (thank you 
very much whomever made those) using tftp, bootp and NFS (host box was a 
Sparc IPX running OBSD).

Installation was pretty easy once I figured out how to get it started (how 
to find the MAC address, what to pass the PROM to boot etc etc). In the 
first install the system would work fine in single use mode but blew sky 
high and finally corrupted the fs (I have almost all of the console  logs 
from the installs if anyone wants them BTW) the problem  (in all of the 
installs) was when the box went to boot into mult-user it would die with 
"depmod: failed no to exec /sbin/modprobe -s -k char-major-4, errno = 2" 
which after much looking wound up being an issue with the /etc/inittab. 
The Challenge S has no local console (save serial), however when going 
into anything other than single user, inititab would try and initilize a 
local console (to be specific /dev/tty0 and /dev/tty1 I think)  and 
promptly give up the ghost when it failed to do so.

A quick edit of the inittab (thank to info from 
irc.openprojects.net/#mipslinux) fixed that.  
The other problems being getting entries in my sources.list (is it 
normally blank?), the box not rebooting at the end of the install (I noticed another post with the 
same issue), and no packages being on the server when I first started the 
install (they showed up about 10 minutes later as I was trying to find out 
where they went ;-).

The box seems pretty darned stable, and runs Apache, PHP, and basic 
utilities just fine (now to get mysql on it ;-)

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