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Re: installed on indy

> Thanks for the report.

no prob - i was pretty thrilled that it worked so well!

> Since I wrote the newport driver I'd definitely like to know about these
> conflicting stories. What info did you read about the three versions?
> There's newport 8bit, newport 24bit and XZ(which is not supported)...and
> there are some very,very rare boards that allow you to run dualhead.
>  -- Guido

right - but how do i identify mine when hinv only says indy 24 bit? 

if necessary i can reinstall irix wich should be able to identify it ok (what 
command?) and even on an old 2x cdrom drive its quicker than 56k to 
http.us.debian.org (none of the mirrors were as uptodate as this).

i found a cpl of xf86config files which actually got my X session further than 
before but it looks like my mouse isnt getting started.


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