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Re: Debian install On Indy + Indigo and Java Station

(replying to an email I read in the web archive; apologies
for lack of sensible References: header)

Guido Guenther <agx@debian.org> wrote:
>Does setmon give any ideas which graphics modes at which refresh rates
>the different adaptors support under IRIX? I don't have any Irix nor any
>header files of it, so anything of help to teach the newport driver
>different graphics modes will be greatly appreciated.

You can find the SGI hardware documentation for the newport at
(it's also on oss.sgi.com somewhere but I found the official
SGI server intolerably slow.) I think this ought to be sufficient
to get 24 bit graphics on the newport working (assuming you have
a 24-bit newport and not the 8-bit only one, obviously :->).

Unfortunately the graphics card in my Indy is the XZ which
there's no docs of that I can find. Has anybody tried getting
more information out of SGI?

Peter Maydell

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