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Re: failed installation debian-mipsel (Decstation 5000/150)

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Florian Lohoff wrote:

> >  I see.  I haven't used TFTP on the DECstation ever.  I think the default
> > timeout is too low anyway.  RFC826 does not specify any timeouts but
> > keeping them below 2 minutes is pointless IMO.  If an interface assigned
> > to an IP address changes its MAC address, it will start to use the new one
> > for ARP requests immetiately and all caches in the LAN will have a chance
> > to get updated.
> IIRC the kernel refreshes the timeout on communication - But only on
> TCP not UDP ...


> >  Weird -- the read should time out after 10000 loops...  It definitely
> > needs to be checked. 
> Did this change lately - The kernel of the boot-floppies is a little
> old.

 I don't think so.

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