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success installing debian-mips (r4k-ip22)

after a couple of months of absence i found time to try the installation
for debian-mips (SGI Indy/IP22).  Everything works as expected, completely
flawless except the final end.

The installer asks for making the disk bootable which it can by putting
the linux kernel into the volume header. Then it tells you to set some
prom vars on reboot. After that it jumps back to the "main" menu but
the cursor is still on top of "Make bootable from disk" thus pressing
enter like everywhere in the installer leads to go through the above
steps again.

Pressing return on the "Reboot the system" also does not work. I guess
this is a Kernel issue but probably Guido knows more - Just pressing
reset in that case leads to "Unclean shutdown" with resulting fsck. Just
unmounting the /target drives and telling the user to press the reset
button would be a good alternative.

On initial reboot the "tzconfig" execution fails with a "segfault". This
might be due to the "R4600" cpu i have thus i dont care much.

It never has been that easy to install a Indy - Thanks Guido and all
the others keeping up the work.

Florian Lohoff                  flo@rfc822.org             +49-5201-669912
Nine nineth on september the 9th              Welcome to the new billenium

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