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The book list Re: bylo: jak zwykle o wszystkim... Re: Can I join? Commercial .debs Re: Creating Packages with DebHelper Re: Cyfrowe lacza TP S.A. Czy mozna edytowac AMIBIOS'a z poziomu systemu operacyjnego ? DDP vs LDP -- should be DDP + LDP debiandoc-sgml code reformatted - why ? debiandoc-sgml table support Re: debiandoc-sgml vs. docbook Debian Documentation: Book Suggestions Debian Documentation: Debian Dictionary Re: Debian Installation Doc Debian Installation Manual -- help (desparately) requested Debian New Maintainer Guide 0.1 Debian Tutorial Development version not on web page? diffs to correct install.html doc directory of the web pages documentation which is now officially listed as 'stalled' Re: Dziwne zachowanie sendmaila Re: Fixes (in terms of bugs) Help with events and news Inconsistencies in DDP home page Indefinite leave from Debian. Installation manual: arch flavors Intent to Write... Re: Klawiatury sa do d*** (Re: To jest do d***) Lout (was debiandoc-sgml vs. docbook) Re: more for the tcp/ip section of ddp netadmin Network Administrator's manual Re: New editor New editor - Martin Wheeler new maintainer guide 0.5 new version of debiandoc-sgml Re: Offtopic: "from" (was: Re: Installation manual: arch flavors) Re: Olimpiada Informatyczna - protest? Packaging Manual Translation to Japanese paging Ole Tetlie permission to modify docs in cvs for boot-floppies Re: Podkrecanie PII 300 ? pre-release of developers-reference for public comment Proposal: The GNU Uru Project Re: scanf: floating point formats not linked System Administrator manual, active translations of documentation Warning about paritioning issues (was Re: Bug#28652: not a bug) what can a non-maintainer do... What distrib should new developers run (was Re: Debian New Maintainer Guide 0.1) Y2K info- might be useful The last update was on 17:59 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 183 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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