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Re: Inconsistencies in DDP home page

Adam Di Carlo <apharris@burrito.onshore.com> writes:
> > Changing subject: is there any plan to move from the Debiandoc-SGML
> > markup to DocBook?  My understanding is that SGML-tools team did
> > already the move for version 2.0.
> If they jumped off a cliff would you?
> Did I already respond to this?

Yes, you did, but that doesn't matter. ;-)

> I personally fear that our curve for new documenters is already high
> enough (make, cvs, SGML in any form), and that using a complex DTD
> like docbook is going to make things worse.
> Mind you, I love docbook; I use it all the time for work.  But I'm not
> really bugged that much by Debiandoc-SGML.  Since it is specific to
> debian, I feel it's a more focused DTD which works really well for us
> (kudos to Ardo).

Thank you!!!

I agree.  Once we've a good amount of documentation written and there
actually is a need for something bigger we can always move over.


Ardo van Rangelrooij
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