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Re: translations of documentation

Craig Brozefsky <craig@onshore.com> wrote:
> Any comments?

Overall, it looks good to me, but note that mostly what you've defined
here is a framework for localizing changes to a particular region of
a document.

Given this point of view, I'm a little dubious about declaring that
certain >>kinds<< of document elements are always structural or always
floating. In my opinion it makes more sense to simply define an
attribute which may be put on a floating element, and let the document
author declare what can float.

As I understand it, this "floating element" concept comes from the idea
that illustrations and sidebars should be near the text that refers to
them but that their placement is a layout issue, not an editorial issue.
However, it can quite easily happen, for example, that a table is a
part of the text, and for it to make sense it should appear between
two paragraphs.

This isn't a real big issue in my opinion -- which is why I don't
want to see us develop an elaborate mechanism for handling it.


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