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what can a non-maintainer do...

In article <[🔎] 4.1.19981114122604.009405e0@mail.winternet.com>, Lyno Sullivan <lynosull@freedomain.org> writes:
> <FISHING> Your article doesn't talk about it and maybe it doesn't
> exist.  I have been trying to find a Maintainer "Registry" where I
> can introduce myself and provide a brief description of my
> experience and areas of interest.  I am looking for the right place
> to jump in but, meanwhile, I am certainly available to take on small
> tasks to help out.  If I could add myself to the Debiam Maintainer
> Registry, then maintainers looking for help could use the Registry
> search engine to find volunteers.  They might run across my Registry
> entry and invite me to volunteer to research a specific topic and
> write a section for one of their documentation manuals.  I think
> there may be hordes of volunteers lurking around just like me,
> trying to figure out how to fit in.  If there is a Registry that I
> have missed, please point the way.  Your Guide is simply superb in
> the way that it lowers barriers to entry.  If the Registry doesn't
> exist, would it make sense, as another way to lower barriers to
> future maintainership?  I am on a fishing expedition with this
> paragraph and won't be upset if it is ignored.  You seem to be very
> sensitized to the real and imagined barriers I perceive, so I
> thought it was worth a try.  Please provide guidance if I am being
> inappropriate.  Thanks. </FISHING>

Well, we're pretty busy.  I don't know if a registry would be kept up
to date or if it's worth it.  However, I hope you don't take that as
"barrier".  We welcome everyone; we oppose technological elites and

As for introduction, writing constructive emails on this list, helping
out in general, is the best introduction.  If you want to introduce
yourself, I suggest you write a little intro and what you might be
able to help with to <debian-devel>.  Or stay right here -- maybe you
could help me out with the Installation Manual?  It needs so much
work, I'm getting gray hairs just thinking about it. 

In fact, the biggest way to help Debian right now is by helping Debian
documentation, or Free Documentation in general (cf www.gnu.org).  We
need more free, quality manuals.  Now more than ever.

BTW, do you speak any non-English languages?

Also, I've been asked to add a section to the Developer's Reference
talking about how you can really help Debian a lot without being an
official maintainer.  I think it's a good idea.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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