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Indefinite leave from Debian.

I've been putting off this mail for a while, and I have no excuse for letting 
tasks go unattended so long, but I've been trying to pull myself back into 
Debian mode.  After ALS, I became very enthusiastic again, and was going to 
get into swing of things, but apparently it just does not work.  Not with 
my consciousness telling me that if I do get involved with Debian stuff as I
used to, my grades will suffer (and boy, did they suffer last year...).  Not
with my newly rediscovered love of classical music and theater (am I trying 
to get a life? nope, just a different kind of "no life" scenario).  

I feel very sad for leaving Debian even if temporarily.  Debian has taught me 
an amazing number of things about life, software, project management and 
numerous other things I won't recount now.  It forced me to learn programming
for real, it provided me with my first 2 real jobs, which will probably lead
me into a decent career in the future.  However, it looks like it's time for
me to move on.  I know I will come back to Debian, but most likely in a 
different role.  Right now, I am simply overwhelmed with Debian tasks and I
don't have time for any of them.  Next time, I know I'll only take as much
as I can take and no more (of course, last year I had infinitely more time,
and that's the reason I am overwhelmed now).

Anyway, here are the things that are getting officially orphaned. 

battleball - nice game, no bugs i know of
dotfile  - ~10 packages coming from one source, upstream author 
cooperates greatly and runs Debian)

circus - this one is 1 upstream version behind, they finally released source 
under GPL, but last I looked it was not close to being alpha-quality.

exmh - A few outstanding bugs.  Great mail reader.
svgatextmode - Might become obsolete soon...
xanim - non-free, but very useful graphics package, no real outstanding bugs
xevil - There is a forked GPL version out there which I never got 
around to releasing, email George Caswell <timbuktu@wpi.edu> for the current

xirc - crappy little irc client, qt-based.  Don't know if anyone would want it.

xless - tiny package.  Good for beginner.
xpaste - same as above.
xwpe - Again, there is a new version developed by different guys than the 
original author.  The mailing list for the effort is at 

I am also orphaning the install doc, someone has to pick it up and revise 
it for slink.  At one point ways back, I promised to revise the Debian section
of LDP documentation in exchange for the ad in LJ (that did happen, right?).  
I emailed the people at LJ for a few details on what they wanted to be done, 
but never got a response.  Anyway, this has to be done even if it's this late.
If you are interested, email me and I'll provide you with some more details
on the matter.

The Debian FAQ-O-Matic needs to be revived again.  It needs a leader who would
make it visible again and update it as well as figure out a way to make other
people contribute ;-).  There are a few people on the fom@debian.org alias
that are administrators of the FOM, but I haven't heard much from them lately.
But then again, I didn't look at the FOM itself either, so maybe they are
doing a good job.

I am also orphaning the spam handler job.  Someone else needs to step up
and do it.  The tasks include complaining about spam sent to debian lists
and other @debian.org addresses, maintaining the spam block list that gets
distributed around debian machines, and handling whatever else gets sent
to spam@debian.org

I am also the backup maintainer of debian-keyring.  Someone reasonably trusted
should step up to do it instead of me.  Contact James Troup if you are 

I believe that's it.  Keep up on doing great work! You guys are the best and 
you know it!

Proudly running Debian Linux! Linux vs. Windows is a no-Win situation....
Igor Grobman           igor@debian.org                 igor@igoria.net 

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