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translations of documentation

Is there any mechanism in place for handling translations
of Debian documentation? I believe all the documentation
is in CVS which is a good start. We need to also set up CVS
for any group that wishes to translate documentation.

Additionally, when there are multiple translations on a web
site it is much easier if the files are served using content
negotiation. This means that html files must have names in the
following format:
Links from the main page could explicitly point to pages in that
language, but again, it is better if links simply state <file> as
this allows for partial translations (if a file is not available
in the preferred language, then the english doc is served).

Can our current SGML system support something like this?
If not, how hard would it be to improve it?

Currently there is a random set of translations of Debian
documentation on the web page. As they don't follow any guidelines,
it is difficult to mix them in with the english versions.
Simply renaming files is not the solution as this will break all
the links. Clearly we need a better solution.

The Debian web pages themselves are a different story. Every language
that so desires can have their own source directory in which they
can translate pages. Now that an annoying bug in apache has been
found, it works quite well.

Jay Treacy

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