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Debian Installation Manual -- help (desparately) requested

[Please reply directly to me, or to debian-doc if you feel it is of
 general interest]

I've offered myself up to the slaughter, now that Igor is away for a
bit, of whipping the Installation Manual into shape.

I'd like slink to provide installation documentation for all supported
architectures.  However, right now I am x86-only.  I'm going to need
help from people running other platforms, both writing the material,
testing it, and offering suggestions (I'm actually expecting a MacIIsi
pretty soon, although I understand that floppies for that particular
architecture are not yet available).

So if you're an Alpha, m68k, or powerpc maintainer, this means you!
Writers should to have some basic level of SGML experience.

I've started to go through and identify the x86-specific sections.
Hopefully I can provide "Install Manual Porters" with specific topics
that need to be written.  I.e., "pre-installation hardware setup", and
the like.

I also could use help from x86 maintainers who wish to help writing,
critiquing, etc.  The current copy of the Installation Manual is not a
good basis for making patches, since I'm ripping it up and
restructuring it pretty heavily.  I'll be providing an online version
pretty soon.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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