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Re: Indefinite leave from Debian.

On Sat, Nov 07, 1998 at 01:37:52PM -0500, Igor Grobman wrote:
> svgatextmode - Might become obsolete soon...

I might be interested in this if you haven't got a better home for it.  I
use it regularly.

> I am also orphaning the spam handler job.  Someone else needs to step up
> and do it.  The tasks include complaining about spam sent to debian lists
> and other @debian.org addresses, maintaining the spam block list that gets
> distributed around debian machines, and handling whatever else gets sent
> to spam@debian.org

I really think this is more than a one-man job...

> I am also the backup maintainer of debian-keyring.  Someone reasonably trusted
> should step up to do it instead of me.  Contact James Troup if you are 
> interested.

I'd offer to help, but am unsure if one might make the argument that I am
still much too new a developer, know well enough known (with my big mouth I
might debate this one), or not personally known by enough developers to
confirm my identity for such a security-related task.  So far I just have
the one sig from David Welton.

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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