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Re: DDP vs LDP -- should be DDP + LDP

On 23 Nov 1998, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Yes... do you think you'll be able to maintain it long-run?

I'm able to maintain it as I have been, slow and steady progress. I
started the tutorial before I got into programming, and now I find that
Gnome is distracting. :-)  Though I like doing the tutorial too, and will
keep working on it. I don't want to be a bottleneck so I am always happy
to give out CVS access to anyone who's contributed a little bit. (I have
some very helpful editors that I can't keep busy, so more writers are
> SGML has these facilities.  In the preamble, or from the cmd line, or
> whatever:

Thanks for the tips...
> Hmm.  Clarify, please!  What do you see as the interrelationship
> between the Install Manual, LIGS, and the Debian Tutorial?  I can
> conditionally give you pieces of the Install Manual for inclusion in
> other documents.... Remember I'm going to start conditionally building
> the Install Manual for different architectures. I'll look at LIGS more
> closely (hadn't thought about that, doh!) and correspond with the
> upstream person.

If we're targetting technically-inclined newbies (i.e. they've seen a
computer but maybe not GNU/Linux), what I would like to see is a single
document. I feel that the Install Manual doesn't have enough Getting
Started, if you don't know how to use a text editor or don't understand
mounting disks, for example. On the other hand the Tutorial at present
doesn't have enough Installation, especially the PPP/network and X config
nearly everyone will want to do even on single-user machines. Basically a
LIGS - User's Guide merger, in LDP terms.

On the other hand, this is awful for the experienced user; they will want
the bare-bones to the point installation instructions, then maybe a quick
reference (man/info pages work here IMO), perhaps the Sysadmin Guide.

For now, one step at a time. I'm concentrating on the blank spots in the
tutorial, and grandiose mergers can come later. Unless someone else is
doing them, of course. :-) Which I am open to.


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