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Re: Commercial .debs

there was a related discussion about origin field in deb,
so Debian produced debs would have origin SPI and others some
and how package tools (only apt, I think) would handle multiple
packages with the same name (would this affect also depends etc.

I think some guide line stuff was thrown about in that discussion


Oliver Elphick wrote:
> I just noticed the following planned but non-existent title in the
> Debian Documentation Project's list of manuals:
>   How Software Producers can distribute their products directly in .deb
>        format
> I thought a little about what might go in here, and realised that I
> have not seen any guidance published for the structure of non-Debian
> packages.
> Clearly we are going to have trouble in the future if misguided
> commercial developers create packages that conflict with official
> packages.  While it is clearly up to them to get it right, it would
> be a good idea for us to give them guidelines to let them avoid
> conflicts.
> Should we say, for example, that any commercial package should put all
> its files under /opt/<package> or /usr/local/commercial/<package> or
> something of the kind?
> What other guidance is needed?

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