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Re: Debian Tutorial

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Kent Hayden wrote:
> I'm very new to the Linux world, but have found the tutorial up to Ch.
> 13 very useful.  

Great! I'm happy to hear that...

> I'm just curious as to when more will be done with it,
> when it was started, and when it can be expected to be finished. 

Uh... the standard answer in the free software world is "when it's done."
:-) The manual it's based on was started a couple or three years ago... I
started playing with it last summer I guess, then stopped for a while,
then started again... 

> I'm
> especially waiting for the LILO information, and had a ton of trouble
> trying to learn how to dual-boot a machine using LILO.  I've just really
> started exploring this stuff and won't be that far into the tutorial for
> awhile, but am hoping it will be done fairly soon.

I wasn't planning to write this super soon... but someone else might. In
the meantime, check the chapter on where to ask for help etc. and feel
free to do so.

> Is the Debian CD bootable?  I know my CD-ROM/BIOS offers the ability.

It is, if it's the "official" version.

> Also, I seem to remember reading that Debian 2.0 cannot read FAT32.  Is
> this true?

Dunno. It's only important when exchanging files with Win95 though.

You should bounce these questions to debian-user, someone will know how to
help you there almost certainly. 


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